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COVID-19 Cleaning

COVID-19 is a virus also known as the “Corona Virus” and is spreading rapidly nationwide. This has caused Employers to send their employees home to self-isolate and work remote, if possible. In some cases employers are even closing their businesses completely.

The most recent research suggests that the virus can live on surfaces for up to a week. To prevent spreading the virus it is suggested to make sure all surfaces are disinfected and sanitized. Dial One Pittman Cleaning & Restoration offers FDA approved Corona Virus Sanitizing and Disinfecting services.

While you take care of yourselves let our team, take care of your homes or offices by sanitization and disinfecting this virus to stop the spread.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

• We offer Sanitizing and Disinfecting services for Commercial or Residential Locations.
• We use Industrial Strength Disinfectants.
• For residential homes we cover all surfaces from the kitchen to your door knobs.
• For Commercial business’s we cover all surfaces and work stations including keyboards, mouse’s etc.

At Dial One Pittman Cleaning & Restoration we understand you take your employees and loved ones health seriously. Take precautions and call your local sanitizing company today!